The Best 13 Types Of Backlinks You Need To Know For SEO

Types of backlinks

When another site links back to your website, a backlink is created. These links shouldn’t be underestimated – each one has the capacity to strengthen the authority of your website, both attracting more customers and sending signs to search engines that your company is reliable. But, not every backlink is as valuable as others. To make it all a little simpler to understand, we’ve compiled some of the best types of backlinks to consider.

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The Key Types of Backlinks

Let’s dive straight into the important details. There are a wide variety of types of backlinks you should be considering to enhance your website’s authority, and each can serve different purposes. It all depends on the niches and needs of your business! Here are thirteen types of backlinks you need to know all about.

1. Editorial Backlinks

The term ‘editorial links’ refers to when another website specifically mentions and links to your site. This works to emphasize the quality of the content you’re providing. Importantly, these links can’t be requested or commissioned, relying on you to create strong, shareable content to draw attention.

2. Comment Backlinks

When commenting on blogs or articles, you will typically have the ability to include a link back to your own website. When coming from genuine people sincerely trying to endorse your site, this can boost great traffic – at other times, however, this opportunity can be abused by scammers.

3. Backlinks from Guest Blogging

Established websites will sometimes accept guest blogs, and in submission you can often attach a hyperlink back to your own website. This can be a strong outreach strategy, especially when reaching out to sites of high authority!

4. Webinar Backlinks

Webinars have the capacity to provide invaluable information for linked sites. When websites put webinars on their pages, they will link to your company and likely include a brief explanation of what your business offers. Your webinar can be a great resource for the promotion of your site.

5. Backlinks in Business Profiles

When promoting your company, digital profiles can be a powerful source of promotion. Business listing websites, industry directories, review websites, and other networks can publicize your business, and often you’ll be able to link to your website. These entries are a sign to search engines that your website is established, reliable, and high-quality.

6. Acknowledgement Backlinks

When you partner with a company, collaborate with them, offer a deal, or have any other sort of positive interaction, they may display some sort of acknowledgement. Acknowledgement backlinks can help you gain greater recognition.

7. Free Tool Backlinks

Creating a simple, beneficial tool and offering it to the public for free offers endless benefits. You can gain both positive attention and backlinks. Offering a tool such as a free edition of an app can generate links and promote your bigger services to those who could use them.

8. Badge Backlinks

A badge can be created to award other companies for their performance or contributions. When awarded, these sites will often proudly display their reward on their site, providing you with a link back to your site.

9. Guest Post Backlinks

Sometimes, a website that allows for guest blogging may not permit backlinking within the article. In this case, it’s almost guaranteed that the author’s bio section will allow for a backlink. Despite not being within the editorial content, this link will still benefit SEO.

10. Backlinks from Testimonials

Testimonials from satisfied customers significantly build trust, boost credibility, and enhance your brand. Allowing space for former clients to drop reviews and praise your business means they may link back to your site, and these links can work wonders in attracting more potential clients.

11. Competitors Backlinks

You can’t be expected to inherently know how to optimize SEO and create effective backlinks. Researching basic strategies is one way forward, but another great way to analyse your industry is to examine how your competitor’s site is working. Analyse their backlinks, and you will gain valuable insight into how to promote yourself as well.

12. Backlinks from Trustworthy Press Releases

In circumstances where your company does something newsworthy, the press release will connect to reliable outlets. When executed effectively, the press release will be able to build backlinks and offer profitable marketing. However, you should only write press releases when something newsworthy truly takes place.

13. Infographic Backlinks

Informative images and graphics are referred to as infographics, often used by businesses to communicate data and research. When you create visually appealing and educational graphics, they can be shared around over different sites and accounts. Every time they’re shared, you gain another link back to your site.

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