The Top 11 Reasons Your Business Needs SEO

Reasons business needs SEO

SEO and its role in helping businesses to grow and thrive is only increasing as time goes on. The landscape surrounding SEO has been changing constantly since it originated in the ‘90s, and if it intimidates you in even just the slightest way, you’re not alone! Between aspects like keywords, featured snippets, and all types of searches you may not even have known existed, SEO can feel like a tough hill to climb for any business owner.

Although it may not be your expertise, the fact is that SEO is crucial in today’s digital age. Without it, you run the risk of nobody ever finding you— and that’s not the type of business you want to run (unless you manufacture camouflage, that is)! So here’s your conundrum: It’s hard. It’s not your forte. They say you need it. But why?

This article explains the top 11 reasons why your business needs SEO to compete and excel in today’s digital landscape. To find out more about SEO and discover how we can help you rise in the rankings, contact our experienced team at Digital Edge today.

SEO, SEO, Read All About It!

What does SEO do that’s so great? Let’s dive in. SEO helps by:

  1. Giving You Quantifiable Results

Any business owner (or number nerds, such as ourselves) will appreciate the direct quantifiable results that SEO delivers. After all, data doesn’t lie, so it’s easy to see the impact that great SEO can make on a business. Proper tracking and analytics will give you insight into your SEO key performance indicators (KPIs) that you can follow and watch as your business grows.

  1. Expanding Your Organic Reach

According to a 2019 study by Brightedge Research, organic searches drive 53.5% of all website traffic. That’s over a 2% increase from the first year they conducted their analysis in 2014. Why is this important? Well, knowing that people are organically searching for what your business does reminds you of how important it is to make sure you’re on the first page of results! The more visible you are online, the more search engines will be clamouring to feature you.

  1. Building Your Brand’s Trust and Credibility

Building credibility for your brand is pivotal, and SEO can help you do it. As your business becomes more well-known online, people will start to recognize your name and associate your business with trustworthiness. They’ll tell their friends, who will also search for you organically, and then they’ll tell their friends… well, you get the picture!

  1. Understanding the Consumer

It’s always helpful to know who you’re catering to, and SEO is the best way to help you understand the voice of the consumer. Whether the consumer speaks or types their query, SEO data reveals user intent and behavior that drives their search and allows you to see into their mind just that little bit.

  1. Creating a Better User Experience

A great website with a bad user experience can bring it crashing down quickly, no matter how vital the website is. It’s one thing to get consumers to your website, but you also need them to stay there and engage to bring your business success. With quality SEO, your website’s user experience is one of the top priorities.

  1. Increasing Engagement, Traffic, and Conversions

Local SEO— that is, SEO specific to your locality— helps people to find the closest business nearby that provides what they need. This is especially important for mobile users, as they’re likely to be searching while they’re out and about. Local SEO helps by optimizing your website for a specific vicinity so you can be found quickly and easily, making you one step closer to one more sale.

  1. Keeping Up With the Latest

SEO practices are ever-changing, thanks to how quickly the digital landscape moves and evolves. If your website isn’t re-evaluated regularly, you may find that you slip down the rankings— even if the SEO practice you used at the time was the best in the business. SEO isn’t a set-and-forget type of deal, so you need a great SEO Company Nashville team to stay on top of all the changes.

  1. Understanding the Mysterious Web

SEO doesn’t just change constantly for the fun of it! It does so because the Internet grows and changes day by day. If it didn’t, we’d still be updating our MySpace accounts instead of Facebook! Tactics that your competitors use can change at the drop of a hat, and you need to make sure you’re keeping up to stay in the game.

  1. Reaping the Benefits and Recouping Your Costs

Yes, SEO is an investment. But it’s also just that: An investment. SEO works to bring your money back to you and make a return on your investment like you wouldn’t believe! The payoff that great SEO brings will be well worth it before you know it.

  1. Giving Your Business Good PR

You can think of SEO as long-term equity for your brand. As you rise in the rankings and travel up the ladder, your brand’s profile is becoming more noticeable to the online community (which is, I believe, all of us!).

  1. Discovering New Opportunities

Climbing up the search engine rankings means that new consumers will find you, but it doesn’t end there. As your brand becomes more and more visible, other brands will begin to notice you as well, which can lead to some amazing opportunities for partnering and whatever else you have in mind. There’s a whole world (wide web) out there, so go get on it!

Looking For Superior SEO?

At Digital Edge, we aim to provide you and your business with the very best in digital marketing, including SEO. We straight-up live and breathe the stuff! Now that you know how important SEO is, you also know how crucial it is to have an expert digital marketing company Nashville and team on your side. When nothing but the very best will do for you, Digital Edge is the team to turn to. To optimize your SEO results and propel your business to new heights, contact our experienced and helpful team today.



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