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Utilizing SEO can catapult your business to its desired stature, drawing a larger clientele and, subsequently, greater earnings. If your brand isn’t top-of-mind for your customers, they’ll gravitate toward your rivals— a scenario we’re determined to prevent.

At Digital Edge, standing as one of Nashville’s top SEO agencies, we’ve meticulously crafted our techniques to secure a strong online presence and online engagement for those we serve.

Those sought-after online engagements exist, and we can effectively capture them for you.

Beyond our adept SEO tactics, our digital marketing agency in Nashville is second to none, ensuring a comprehensive approach. By deploying our specialized SEO services in San Diego, your brand emerges as the industry’s go-to and a trusted choice. Should you desire SEO impacts that extend beyond mere rankings, we’re equipped to assist.

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We define our SEO victories by the ROI you reap. Should your website persistently generate prime leads and sustained sales, it’s a testament to our work. As our SEO deliverables exceed just the rank positions, you can eliminate any doubts regarding the campaign’s success— we’re here to substantiate it.


We work to boost your positions for the most relevant keywords, ensuring you directly reach your specific target demographic. Though rankings are the starting point, our commitment goes beyond.


Why bother with rankings? Because we want more eyes on your business and its offering. We’ll keep a close eye on your organic traffic, ensuring that the right audience is finding your site.


Traffic's all well and good, unless you're stuck in morning gridlock, but without conversions, it's just numbers. Our SEO approach stimulates active engagement, nudging online guests towards becoming revenue-generating consumers.​

Personalized SEO Plans

No two businesses are the same, so why should their SEO strategies be? We offer SEO Sprints: highly targeted packages that optimize your campaign only where you need a boost. And Managed SEO: a complete overhaul of your SEO campaign that includes in-depth assessment, analysis, and action.

SEO Sprints

A short and targeted service that boosts a specific area of your SEO. We identify exactly what your campaign needs and deliver it.

Managed SEO

A comprehensive and holistic approach that ensures all areas of SEO have been addressed for optimal results.

Discover Your Ideal SEO Strategy

digital marketing agency in Nashville TN

Claim your fast and free SEO analysis to gain valuable insight into where your campaign is at and more importantly, where we could take it. Using our proprietary SEO analysis software, we’ll tell you exactly what your SEO needs to succeed. Our approach is always transparent and targeted: we only make promises we can keep.

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Your SEO Questions Answered

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and is the method by which we help Google understand your website. It ultimately provides an organic way for website searchers to find your business online.

There are three key metrics to measure SEO success: rankings, traffic, and conversions. Firstly, rankings consider where your target keywords rank in the SERP (search engine results page). If you’re not on page one, then you’re nowhere! Secondly, traffic looks at how many eyes are on your site. If your SEO is working effectively, then you should see a steady and ongoing increase in organic traffic. Lastly, conversions are how many people actually convert from a website visitor into a customer. When all of these metrics increase, you’ll see an increase in online leads, authority, and ultimately revenue!

SEO can vary in cost heavily depending on many elements such as keyword competition, the size of the market, how many locations your business has, and other factors. You can get an analysis for FREE that helps determine how much you will need to invest to generate SEO results for your business.


SEO aims to get people to your website by aligning their search queries with your content. So, SEO is considered an organic search tactic, meaning that the results are earned, not purchased. You pay to optimize your website for search, but not for each individual click that goes to your website.

Google Ads – often called PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is still related to search, but you basically bid on keywords and pay a fee to Google every time someone clicks on your Ad in the search results.

If we’re being honest, there are SO many agencies that call themselves SEO agencies. After helping many of those agencies help their customers we realized that the bar is set pretty low for being called an SEO agency.

Digital Edge International aims to provide our clients with results not checklists of tasks. The bottom line is, that we know what we’re doing, and if SEO is possible for your business, we’ll figure out how to make it work. The results are what make us unique in our market.

Ultimately, any Digital Marketing tactic can be measured by the ROI that it generates in your business. We are often tracking ranking for specific keywords and keyword themes, so the objective is to rank them as high as possible in your marketplace.

Driving those keywords will cause traffic to come to your website. That is the primary job of SEO, so we’re really looking at what keywords bring the most traffic to you.

SEO results are earned, not bought. It can take three to six months to see results. After the initial boost, we maintain and continuously enhance your campaign to ensure it continues to perform as your business grows.

You will receive your own Dashboard and a customized report each month telling you how we’ve done, what we’re focused on, and what we’re going to be doing over the next 30 day period. We report back on the numbers that matter most, like ROI and conversions. Plus, we make it easy to understand your results and are always available to explain our work or results over the phone or on Zoom!

Having a high-quality website is definitely crucial when it comes to doing SEO or PPC. If your website doesn’t convert users into customers your money on digital marketing can be a sunk cost very quickly. Depending on the type of business you own, we have MANY agency partners that we can recommend to help you get an appropriate website. We can’t recommend enough that you have a website that helps you with conversion! That’ll make your SEO/PPC efforts worth the while.

Looking for White Label SEO Services?

If you’re an agency owner looking to outsource your SEO offerings, we’re here to help. While we all wish we could do everything (and we’ve tried), it sadly just isn’t possible for us mere humans. With the power of teamwork, we offer white label services to drive business through SEO to get your clients the results they deserve.

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Backed by our proficient team, we’re poised to guide your business towards substantive expansion, moving past just traffic figures and rankings. Embark on a journey of growth with a thorough marketing review from Digital Edge, offering only benefits.

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