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Adam Silverman

Adam Silverman


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Simon Mauger


About Us

Our story starts in Feburary 2020 at a digital marketing Mastermind conference in San Diego. Before this event, Simon Mauger and Adam Silverman were perfect strangers. Two years on and a great friendship and business partnership later, they haven’t looked back.

Digital Edge may be a relatively new company on paper, but it is built from decades of collective experience. We are whole-heartedly confident in our ability to provide the highest-quality search marketing service. It’s all we do, and we do it damn well.

Your Nashville SEO Experts

As a local Nashville SEO agency, we understand the heartbeat of this vibrant city and its diverse businesses. Just like the music that fills its streets, Nashville is a place of creativity, innovation, and endless possibilities, and our digital marketing firm has been built to reflect this! Let us be your guide in navigating Music City, helping your business reach new heights with our tailored SEO solutions. Whether you’re a small local business or a growing e-commerce brand, our team is here to partner with you on your journey to success. Don’t wait any longer— elevate your online presence and see your business listings soar with top Nashville SEO by Digital Edge International.

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