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What isn’t your cup of tea is bound to be somebody else’s.

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Got Awkward Answers To Google Ads Questions?

If you run a digital marketing or social media agency, you often get asked if you do Google Ads. That’s just the facts! Even people who aren’t familiar with Google Ads specifically know that Google is one of the greatest advertising giants out there. They want their business to be easily Google-able, and you want to be able to help.

Therein lies the problem. If you don’t do Google Ads, you face a conundrum. Do you say no and risk losing their business? Or do you say yes, and attempt to fumble your way through their campaign?

If you’ve ever fallen into the latter category, you know how well that can (and by can, we mean usually doesn’t) end up. Even if you can set up a Google Ads campaign, if you don’t love working on it, you’re likely going to produce a sub-par result. You don’t want that for your client, and you certainly don’t want that for your business!

Thanks to white label Google Ads services, you’ll never have to have that conversation again. Using white label services for your Google Ads management gives you your time back to work on what you truly love and excel at.

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Whether you want to be involved for the long haul or you’re happy to hand over the search responsibility to us, we’ve got an option for you.

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In our white label partnerships, the agency – you– remains in contact with both your client and us while we work our magic. You get a percentage of the profit, your client gets the outcome they desired— we’re all winners here.

The Agency – You
Digital Edge – Us
Digital Edge – Us



Have clients to refer our way? We think you should be rewarded for that! At Digital Edge, we offer a generous referral commission to agencies that refer us clients. Unlike white label, they become our client and we work with them directly.

The Referrer – You
Digital Edge – Us
Digital Edge – Us
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What Is White Label Google Ads?

White label Google Ads is a similar concept to white label SEO, it just offers a different service. White label means that you’re outsourcing what you can’t do to those who can do it best, all while pleasing your clients and growing your business at the same time.

A white label Google Ads team will work under your brand. This means you can confidently say “Yes, we do Google Ads!” and take a campaign off a client’s hands, helping to ease some pressure on them. However, the pressure doesn’t then get applied to you! You pass this onto your skilled white label Google Ads team, who work their magic to achieve everybody’s goals. They produce excellent work, it goes under your name, and then the client starts to see results, so everybody wins!

Using white label Google Ads gives you the ability to offer Google Ads management for your clients without needing to do the work yourself. However, the credit is all yours, as it’s branded under your business! It essentially involves an off-site Google Ads management team that you don’t need to hire or train yourself, but they provide the work. This allows everybody involved to benefit in ways that suit their individual goals.

What Are The Benefits Of Using White Label Google Ads With Digital Edge?

High-quality white label Google Ads management will allow you to exceed clients’ expectations, making them happier and more successful – which will mean the same for you!

Access To Experts

Utilizing white label Google Ads means you’ll have an expert team on hand, ready to spring into action when a Google Ads campaign comes knocking. They’ve invested the time it takes to hone this specialized craft, and they can’t wait to use their skills and see the results.

Save Money

It’s one thing to have access to experts that you’ve hired and trained, and another to get the same results at a fraction of the price. A white label Google Ads team will already know the tips and tricks of the trade, so you won’t need to spend either time or money getting anybody’s skills up to par.

Scale Your Business Easily

Digital marketing moves quickly. If you stay still, it doesn’t matter how good you are—clients’ needs will evolve and if you don’t grow with them, you can easily get left behind. With a white label Google Ads team behind you, you’ve already scaled your business and increased your profit margin at the same time.

Focus On Your Area Of Expertise

Remember that Google Ads campaign you worked on when you really didn’t want to? Remember how it didn’t turn out as you (or your client)hoped, and on top of that, you missed doing what you love most? Using white label Google Ads management gives you that time back, ultimately making all of your clients as happy as can be.



We’re not interested in being a jack of all trades but a master of none. We worked hard to master our craft and so that’s what we focus on, putting all of our energy and creativity into reaching those search marketing goals.

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Our SEO knows no bounds. With years of experience in navigating and understanding current and upcoming trends, we could do SEO in our sleep. However, we also realize this— funnily enough— isn’t the case for most people. We’re here to un-complicate everything to enact your powerful and efficient digital marketing strategy with strong SEO.

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We ensure we hit the narrow target when it comes to your marketing campaign, utilizing Google Ads to make the most out of every hard-earned cent. We aim for the center of the target to get you at the top of the page in an instant.

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If your agency is ready to increase recurring revenue (and who isn’t?), Digital Edge International is raring to go. Using our white label services you’ll make your clients and your bottom line happy at the same time, and well, that’s just efficient! Or, if you’re interested in referring a client to us, then get in touch to learn more about our referral commission.

When you’re looking for a win-win all ‘round, Digital Edge International is here to get the ball rolling.

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