How Do Google Ads Work? All Your Google Ads Questions Answered

How Do Google Ads Work

Chances are, you see Google Ads every single day. Perhaps you don’t even realize it – but, the fact is that Google’s advertising system is so popular that many of us will come across ad campaigns built through their system several times daily. So, what exactly is Google Ads, then? How does it work? What could it offer your business? Continue reading as we answer all these questions and more.

This blog explains all the key aspects of Google Ads – how it works, who it’s for, and how to get started. For personalized advice, contact our team at Digital Edge International today.

What are Google Ads? 

The term ‘Google Ads’ refers to Google’s pay-per-click advertising platform. Essentially, businesses who work through Google Ads are able to gain sponsored, highly visible advertising spots across Google’s properties. The most typical type of Google Ad you’ll see appears on the search engine results page – where businesses can pay for their site to appear at the top of the results page when certain keywords are entered. 

For example, if you type in ‘dental clinic’ and your local suburb, you may find a couple of websites marked ‘AD’ at the very top of the page. These are businesses working through Google Ads. Simple as that!

Here are some of the other forms of Google Ads you might typically see:

  • Display ads ( the pop-ups you might see at the top or side of your screen)
  • Google shopping ads (the suggested items for purchase that appear at the top of the results page when you look something up)
  • Youtube ads (the text, videos, and display ads that play/come up while watching a Youtube video)

How Does Google Ads Work?

Google Ads is all built around keywords. These are simply the words and phrases that users are most likely to use when searching for a product, service, or business online. A Google Ads campaign will choose a list of keywords (services, locations, specific products, etc) to relate to their business page. When somebody types a search into Google using those keywords, the businesses ‘bidding’ on those relevant words will have their ads appear on the search results page.

You may wonder how Google chooses which ads to display – because it certainly isn’t more than a couple at once! To sum up a complicated algorithm, Google essentially ranks potential ads based on the relevancy of their site and content, their successful click-through rates, the performance of their pages over time, and how closely your ad relates to the initial search.

Who Can Use Google Ads?

The great thing about Google Ads is that anybody can use it. It’s a brilliant digital marketing strategy that is open for anyone looking to promote their pages, meaning it works wonderfully for countless business owners of all kinds. Setting up an account is simple, straightforward, and all-around accessible – perfect for anyone looking to boost their online presence.

The tricky thing about Google Ads? Well, anybody can use it. With so many websites and businesses all scrambling for ad spots and great rankings, the key to success through Google Ads is a well-planned campaign. For the average user, however, it isn’t easy to make that happen. Without a pre-existing understanding of keyword targeting, SEO strategies, and experience in digital marketing, your chance at success is probably going to be low if you jump into the Google Ad world alone. Working with a digital marketing expert, however, could help you see fantastic results.

Why Opt For A Google Ads Campaign? 

Google Ads offers two main benefits. First, exposure. Having your site or page pop up at the top of the search results means more potential customers or clients are going to see it. More online traffic boosts the success of your website and business alike, and can act as an easy way to get your name out there. The second benefit is conversions. Whatever action you hope for new customers to take (from booking in, to purchasing, to signing up) can be gained through a strong Google Ads campaign. When properly set up and planned out, Google Ads can help your business thrive.

Contact Digital Edge to Discuss Google Ads Strategies

If you’re looking to venture into the world of digital marketing, Google Ads is one of the most accessible and reliable routes to choose. For business owners new to this technique of marketing, however, getting strong results isn’t going to be an easy feat. When you choose to work with a digital marketing expert, you can ensure that your Google Ads campaign garners the best outcomes possible. 

If it’s high rankings and a noticeable boom in business you’re looking for, put your campaign into the Digital Edge team’s experienced hands. Reach out today to start your very own Google Ads campaign.



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