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At Digital Edge International, we understand the transformative power that SEO (search engine optimization) can have on digital marketing campaigns in Nashville TN and around the world. SEO isn’t just about ranking higher on search engine pages— it’s about strategically positioning your brand to attract the right audience, generate organic traffic, and, ultimately, drive tangible business outcomes. By optimizing every aspect of your online marketing presence, from website content to backlink profiles, we help businesses across Nashville, the US, and the globe unlock their full digital marketing potential.

Our comprehensive approach to SEO includes a range of strategies tailored to meet your needs and objectives, whatever they may be. From in-depth keyword research to technical site audits, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to maximize your online impact! By using the latest industry trends and innovative techniques, we ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve and maintains your competitive digital edge. At Digital Edge International, we’re not just your average Nashville SEO agency— we’re your dedicated partners in growth, committed to delivering measurable results that propel your business to new heights of success.

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Our Nashville SEO Clients Get Results

Our Nashville SEO clients consistently achieve remarkable results from our application holistic SEO strategies that are also tailored to the specific business. By partnering with us, businesses in Nashville not only see a significant uplift in their online presence but also enjoy sustained growth in revenue and profits. Our client success stories stand as a testament to the effectiveness of our SEO strategies in Nashville, customized to meet the unique needs and objectives of each business. Learn more about our success stories.

What is SEo & How does it Work?

How do your customers find you? With an average of 8.5 billion Google searches being generated per day, there’s a good chance that a search engine is involved.  

When someone types in a search query, Google filters it through a complex set of algorithms designed to identify and return the most relevant and helpful websites.  This process takes into account multiple factors, including keywords, website structure, user experience, and content quality in deciding which sites will rank and in what order. The higher your website ranks, the more likely it is to be visited by users. 

This is where Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, becomes crucial. SEO is the practice of enhancing your website’s elements to improve its visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). It involves a range of strategies and techniques aimed at aligning your website more closely with the criteria set by search engines. 

Our SEO Process

Our Nashville SEO Process

Our Nashville SEO Services

At Digital Edge International, we specialize in Nashville SEO services tailored to propel businesses like yours to the top of search engine algorithms. Our comprehensive suite of services is finely tuned to enhance visibility in local search results, ensuring improved search engine rankings and attracting targeted traffic to your website.

Through local SEO, strategic keyword targeting, content writing, and more, we ensure that your services and product listings stand out and perform well in search engine results. With a goal to increase traffic and conversions, our Nashville SEO services are geared towards helping businesses thrive in the competitive digital market.

Identifying the most valuable keywords for your business is an essential part of any effective SEO strategy. Our keyword research services help you uncover the most relevant and high-traffic keywords in your industry, allowing you to utilize search engine optimization to the max and target the right audience effectively.

Our targeted local SEO strategies are designed to help local businesses dominate their local searches and connect with customers in that area. By optimizing your online presence for local Google searches, we ensure that your business ranks highly in local search results, driving more foot traffic to your physical location and increasing your online visibility within your community. 

With our e-commerce SEO solutions, we optimize your online store for maximum online visibility to drive more traffic, leads, and sales. By strategically optimizing product pages, using the results from our keyword research, and enhancing your website’s user experience, we help you stand out in a competitive online marketplace and attract more qualified leads to your e-commerce platform. 

From blog posts and guest posting to website copy and product descriptions, we help our Nashville SEO clients and others around the world with content that resonates with target audiences and helps improve search engine rankings. By incorporating targeted keywords and providing valuable information, we help drive organic traffic to your site and increase your online visibility.

Our on-page SEO strategy includes refining website elements like metadata, improving URL structures for ease of navigation, high quality content to secure higher search engine rankings and internal linking to ensure a seamless user experience while strategically using keywords to boost relevance for search queries.

Our off page SEO efforts involves boosting online presence through external tactics, such as social media, guest blogging, and directories. Additionally, we leverage local SEO tactics like optimizing Google My Business listings and garnering positive reviews to boost local visibility.

Technical SEO involves optimizing the website infrastructure to help search engines crawl and index content efficiently. It involves fixing issues such as 404 errors, site speed and mobile friendliness. It’s crucial because it ensures a site is accessible and understandable to search engines, thus helping improve visibility in search results. 

Our link building services are focused on building authority and credibility for your website within your industry, whatever it may be. With high-quality backlinks from reputable websites, we boost your search rankings and establish your website, and therefore your business, as a trusted source of information within your market.

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We Deliver Predictable SEO Growth

Year after year our clients’ businesses grow in revenue through relevant and commercial traffic. Our Nashville SEO company has provided measurable success by helping US and international businesses find the right SEO strategy for their unique needs. What sets us apart from the other top Nashville SEO companies is our global reach, refined SEO process, and our tangible achievements.

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a Results Driven Nashville SEO COmpany

We measure our search engine optimization success based on your return on investment. If your website consistently delivers qualified leads and consistent sales, we’ve done our job. Because our SEO results go beyond rankings, you won’t have to worry about whether your campaign is working— we’ll be able to show you that it is. There are three key ways that we measure tangible search engine optimization success:

Keyword Ranking

We help to increase your rankings for the right keywords, meaning you’ll be positioned in front of your precise target audience. Rankings come first, but we don’t stop there.


Why bother with rankings? Because we want more eyes on your business and its offering. We’ll keep a close eye on your organic traffic, ensuring that the right audience is finding your site.


Traffic is nice and all (not on the morning commute, though!), but it doesn’t mean much without conversions. Our SEO incites engagement, compelling web visitors to become paying customers.

Generate Leads Using SEO

At Digital Edge, we prioritize Google searches that directly contribute to your bottom line. Our Nashville SEO team understands that not all search queries are equally valuable for your business. That’s why we conduct thorough keyword research and analyze search intent to identify the most relevant and profitable search terms for your specific niche across popular search engines. Our SEO strategy is all about making long-term decisions that will successfully use search engine algorithms to your advantage.

Concentrating on these high-impact keywords ensures that the traffic we drive to your website is highly targeted, leading to better engagement and increased conversions. Search engine marketing is a complicated industry to tackle alone, and that’s why it is imperative to have a strong SEO company in your corner. Partner with Digital Edge and experience a search engine optimization strategy that’s laser-focused on boosting your bottom line.

Nashville SEO services

Key Pillars To SEO Success

Our Nashville team focuses on a comprehensive approach that incorporates the essential elements of effective SEO. This includes thorough keyword research, technical optimization, engaging content creation, and robust off-page strategies. In addition, we continually monitor and analyze your website’s performance, making data-driven adjustments to ensure lasting results. By combining these crucial components, we create a well-rounded SEO strategy that not only improves your search engine rankings but also drives quality traffic, leading to increased conversions and a boosted bottom line.

SEO Optimized Content

Boost search rankings with a well-organized, SEO-enhanced website. Incorporate links, fresh content, and targeted keywords strategically to convey reliability and capture search engines’ attention. This approach leads to more frequent crawls, indexing, and higher search results positions.

On Page Perfection

Attract and retain visitors by providing relevant and valuable content tailored to their needs. By incorporating audience-specific keywords, prioritizing usability, and focusing on credibility and location settings, you’ll enhance your site’s on-page SEO and increase its visibility in search results.

No Technical Issues

Addressing all technical challenges on your website, including 404 errors, indexing problems, and page load times, is crucial for SEO success. Google has increasingly prioritised user experience in recent years, meaning any errors could detrimentally affect your SEO performance.

Showcase your expertise and leadership through on-page content and links that demonstrate authority. Conduct thorough keyword research and strategically place industry-specific terms to foster trust and credibility with users and search engines.

Monitor, Adapt & Enhance Your Strategy

Regularly evaluate and optimize your website’s SEO strategy for better performance. Adapt to changing trends and requirements through ongoing testing and monitoring, ensuring your website remains an effective and engaging information source for your target audience.


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Grow your business with Digital Edge International’s SEO services in Nashville, designed specifically for small to medium businesses, e-commerce, franchises, and brands aiming to recover lost traffic. Our approach focuses on driving sales, strengthening your franchise’s presence, and winning back lost visitors with strategies that are tailored to your unique needs. From on-page optimization that improves your site’s user experience and content relevance, to off-page strategies that build authoritative backlinks and online credibility, we cover all aspects of SEO to grow your organic presence. Our team also specializes in technical SEO, ensuring your website’s architecture supports search engine indexing and performance. 

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Your SEO Questions Answered

SEO can vary in cost heavily depending on many elements such as keyword competition, the size of the market, how many locations your business has, and other factors. You can get an analysis for FREE that helps determine how much you will need to invest to generate SEO results for your business.

SEO aims to get people to your website by aligning their search queries with your content. So, SEO is considered an organic search tactic, meaning that the results are earned, not purchased. You pay to optimize your website for search, but not for each individual click that goes to your website.

Google Ads – often called PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is still related to search, but you basically bid on keywords and pay a fee to Google every time someone clicks on your Ad in the search results.

If we’re being honest, there are SO many agencies that call themselves SEO agencies. After helping many of those agencies help their customers we realized that the bar is set pretty low for being called an SEO agency.

Digital Edge International aims to provide our clients with results not checklists of tasks. The bottom line is, that we know what we’re doing, and if SEO is possible for your business, we’ll figure out how to make it work. The results are what make us unique in our market.

Ultimately, any Digital Marketing tactic can be measured by the ROI that it generates in your business. We are often tracking ranking for specific keywords and keyword themes, so the objective is to rank them as high as possible in your marketplace.

Driving those keywords will cause traffic to come to your website. That is the primary job of SEO, so we’re really looking at what keywords bring the most traffic to you.

SEO results are earned, not bought. It can take three to six months to see results. After the initial boost, we maintain and continuously enhance your campaign to ensure it continues to perform as your business grows.

You will receive your own Dashboard and a customized report each month telling you how we’ve done, what we’re focused on, and what we’re going to be doing over the next 30 day period. We report back on the numbers that matter most, like ROI and conversions. Plus, we make it easy to understand your results and are always available to explain our work or results over the phone or on Zoom!


If you’re an agency owner looking to outsource your SEO offerings, we’re here to help. While we all wish we could do everything (and we’ve tried), it sadly just isn’t possible for us mere humans. With the power of teamwork, we offer white label services to drive business through SEO to get your clients the results they deserve.

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