Worship Artistry

Who they are

Worship Artistry offer music tutorials for worship teams across the United States. With a goal of removing the pain and hassle that so many worship teams go through when practicing new songs to bring to their church, Worship Artistry breaks down each different instrument to allow everyone in the team to learn their own parts, but also to bring everything together for a cohesive performance during services.

Our goals

The primary goals for Worship Artistry was to increase traffic to the website, and lead these users to start a free trial to see if Worship Artistry is right for their team.

In order to increase traffic to the website, we conducted in-depth keyword research to find the terms that people were searching, so that we could optimize each of our pages around these terms.
Through this we found that there were some opportunities to create additional content both through the website and through additional blog posts to target particular seasonal holidays, including collections of songs for particular events such as Thanksgiving, Pentecost, Easter, and so on.

Commencing in February 2021, we have seen strong growth in website traffic and keyword rankings, which has allowed us to continue to develop the plan to bring more users to what is a priceless resource for many Worship Teams.



Below is a list of keywords that we have been working on improving rankings for – these are some of the most commonly searched terms that we want Worship Artistry to be found for.

Some of these keywords are very specific, but are helpful to guide the right people through to the website to grow free trials and brand awareness.

Pictured: Ranking improvements from campaign commencement in February 2021 to now.

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While Worship Artistry already has an established presence in the space, we put a lot of time and effort into sourcing relevant and high quality backlinks for the website. Through this we have been able to increase the number of referring domains by 155% and push the Domain Rating up from 29 when we began, to 41 – a very respectable metric which has helped to improve our position in the space.

Pictured: Domain Rating from February 2021 to now.


Over the past 12 months we have seen steady growth in traffic, compared to the same period last year. With organic users increasing by 24% this has brought an additional 17,000 users to the website in 12 months.

In the past 6 months alone, we have seen organic users increase by almost 36%, bringing in more than 12,000 more users than the same period last year.

Pictured: Organic traffic for the past 12 months compared to the previous 12 months:


Pictured: Organic traffic for the second half of 2021 compared with the same period in 2020



With one of our main goals being increasing conversions on the website, we can see the effects of the additional traffic coming to the website. During this period we have seen a 21% increase in sign-ups on the website, and a 10% increase in the conversion rate.


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