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Any business owner should have the same goal at the forefront of their mind: grow your business. The only way to grow and elevate your success is to attract more customers. More customers and more clients equal more revenue, after all. But this task is easier said than done— especially in today’s competitive digital marketing climate.

Getting those feet in the door— or, rather, those clicks on the screen— is a challenge in itself, but the real feat is converting. Once you attract potential customers, you need to acquire engaged conversions to achieve that high ROI result you’ve been searching for. At Digital Edge in Nashville, we leverage our years of Google Ads expertise to help you reach your target audience and find tangible ROI success.

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Google Ad Campaigns From Digital Marketing Experts

It’s one thing to jump on Google and pay for an ad slot. Sure, doing so might bring in a couple of clicks, but you will be saying goodbye to a sea of potential success. When you partner with a team of digital marketing professionals, you are suddenly working with years of industry experience in your corner. 

Our Digital Edge team works hard to create personalized, tailored digital marketing solutions that tailor a Google Ad campaign entirely to the needs of your specific business. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all Google Ad solution – allow a committed marketing expert to set you up for unprecedented success.

Get Results With An Expert Google Ads Company in Nashville

There is plenty to love about Google Ads. However, you cannot treat it as the type of online advertising platform that you can set up and leave running in the background. Google Ads isn’t there to run idly in the background and generate clicks without any effort on your end!  To make the most of it and use it effectively, you need to be able to show real, profit-increasing results— not just clicks. Sitting up nice and high on the top of the page is one of the best ways to increase that profit percentage, as the prime position draws in customers in droves.

Here is a glimpse into the Digital Edge International approach to running a successful Google Ads campaign.


We measure our success by your success, which is calculated by your ROI— we focus on that ROI in everything we do.

Managed by Specialists

Our Google Ads experts live, eat, and breathe numbers and data, leaving room for delicious results for dessert

Completely Customizable

Our campaigns are completely customizable, so they can grow and change with your business whenever it’s required.

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Your Google Ads Questions Answered

Every situation calls for a different solution. There are many times when either SEO or PPC can work. There are also times when a business needs both.
If you need immediate traffic to your website and your keywords are competitive, it’s always advisable to run a PPC campaign while you’re doing SEO because the SEO will take time to produce results.

So, we would argue that they are equal in value but are used differently to help businesses grow their search engine marketing. It all comes down to what your business needs and your unique goals – if you’re not sure what your business needs, contact us in Nashville for a FREE analysis.

It’s likely that you are not the target for your Ads, and this is actually a really good thing. If you’re logged into the Google account that’s serving the Ads, you should NOT see your own Ads. Clicking on your own Ads on Google will charge you per click, so you do not want to be clicking on your own Ads!

With PPC Ads you have two different things that you’re paying for. You’ll need to pay directly to Google for the actual clicks that are generated (Ad Costs). Then you’ll need to pay an agency like Digital Edge to set up and run your Ads each month (Management Costs). Ad monitoring and adjusting can be the difference between a successful campaign and a loss of money.

We will provide you with a monthly report, and custom insights into your campaign. We’ll be making recommendations all along the way to ensure that your business is getting the most out of the Ads that we’re running for you.

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. Google Ads is a type of PPC service. Facebook and other platforms also offer PPC marketing; Google Ads are just a different flavor!

The difference between Google Ads VS Social Media Ads is that on Google, there is a search taking place for that specific item. Social Ads try to disrupt people into making a purchase; with Google Ads, the user is searching for the thing that you provide online. It’s often a much more powerful tactic to run Google Ads, depending on your business type.

Our Nashville Google Ads Campaign Management

Your business deserves more than some stock-standard ad campaign. When you work with Digital Edge, you are taking part in a creative partnership that is wholly committed to finding unique solutions to benefit your business. Everything starts by getting familiar with you as a business owner, your company, your audience, and your goals. From there, you can expect campaign management of the highest quality that keeps your interest at the forefront. The Digital Edge expert strategists can help you to:

Discover The Digital Edge

Digital Marketing is competitive. As more businesses realize that establishing themselves as fierce online competitors is imperative to their long-term success, more digital marketing agencies are starting to pop up everywhere. You may ask yourself why Digital Edge International is the way to go.

The answer is simple. For a decade now, the Digital Edge team has been providing unparalleled digital marketing services globally. Not only can we demonstrate tangible and measurable results of heightened success for countless clients, but we have watched firsthand as the online marketing industry has developed. 

We know that the game is ever-changing, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing personalized marketing solutions that can adapt and change alongside the industry. If you’re looking for an elevated Google Ads campaign to help you achieve your goals, Digital Edge is the solution.

Discover Your Ideal Search Marketing Strategy in Nashville

While every business shares similar overall goals, the path to getting there is paved differently for everyone. Google Ads alone may be exactly what you need, whereas it may only be only a portion of another business’ marketing strategy. We help you to find the right search marketing strategy for your business so that nobody wastes any time or money. Book a comprehensive analysis with the Digital Edge International team today to find out how we can take your business to the next level together.

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