KCS Construction
Who They Are

KCS Building Group are the residential arm of KCS Constructions LLC. Based in Columbia, TN they offer their service across Middle Tennessee from Columbia to Nashville to Murfreesboro and everywhere in between. KCS offer general construction services, home, bathroom and kitchen remodels, as well as home additions and more.

Our Goals

Our Goals for KCS Building group were to increase traffic, brand awareness, and conversions for their brand new website for their residential arm.

To increase traffic, we conducted in-depth keyword research to find exactly what people were looking for in that area. As a local service-based business, there were opportunities to create additional content to target specific locations as well as additional high-volume keywords with a particular relevancy to what we were offering.


Beginning in April 2021, we have seen strong growth in all of our targeted keywords, which has helped us to bring in additional clicks, and improve the local presence of KCS in the Columbia community. 

KCS SEO campaign
Pictured: Columbia rankings from April 2021 to May 2022.
KCS: The number of keywords identified on page 1 search results over time
KCS Keyword Performance

Starting with a very new website, we had the challenges of introducing the website to Google, and convincing Google to trust this new entry into the construction space.
This is always the hardest part of an SEO campaign on a brand new website.
Nevertheless, we worked through all pages and content to build out a substantial website with great information – and for this, we were rewarded by Google by more keywords in the top 100 search results. This takes time, but through continued work, we saw more and more keywords entering the top 100, with our first keywords hitting page 1 in October.

This can put into perspective how hard we sometimes need to work to really see the fruits of our labor, but the work that goes into SEO is a long-term investment that will pay off in months and years to come.

Pictured: The number of keywords identified in the top 100 search results over time:

The number of keywords identified in the top 100 search results over time:

Pictured: The number of keywords identified on page 1 search results over time:

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Pictured: 6 months on 6 months organic users and sessions

KCS Organic Traffic: 6 months on 6 months organic users and sessions


Traffic doesn’t just start flowing for a brand new website. It takes time to build a presence in the online space – it also depends how much time goes into building up other areas such as social media, paid advertising, etc.
In this instance our organic traffic and progress was not influenced by any other form of media, as organic was the primary focus.

Through this we have seen an initial spike in users to the website, with gradual growth following this.
The goal for a new site becomes seeing the website ranking for the most important terms, and then following this with ongoing gradual growth, without large spikes and dips where possible.

Pictured: Clicks & Impressions – 6 months vs. 6 months
Clicks & Impressions – 6 months vs. 6 months

Google Business Profiles play a big part in attracting relevant, local traffic to the website who are highly likely to convert. This traffic is highly relevant due to the location of the search matching with the location of the business.

Through optimizing the Google Business Profile, we have been able to appear in more search results, and for more services in the local area.

Pictured: Website clicks from the business profile through to the website.

KCS Google Business Profile


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