Who they are

BestFlag, a US-based flag maker and purveyor of all things marketing collateral, is an industry leader in producing high-quality tents, table covers, custom flags, feather flags, and more. Providing customers with a broad range of promotional tools, they’re known for their exceptional standards in both product quality and customer service. When they approached us in late 2021, they faced challenges in improving their online visibility and SEO rankings.

Our goals

Our primary goal when we embarked on this partnership with BestFlag was to fundamentally improve their search engine optimization. This included perfecting on-page SEO, ensuring technical excellence on their website, and enhancing overall website visibility. Key metrics to gauge success were movement in keyword rankings, an increase in website traffic, and a rise in domain rating (DR). Our core target was a particular keyword with 33,000 searches per month that had previously struggled to rank.



To increase keyword rankings, we laid the foundation with on-page optimization and technical SEO. We started creating two blog posts per month to bolster the website’s topical relevance, a move that saw rankings improve considerably. A pivotal point came when one blog post exploded in popularity, causing a month-on-month traffic increase of 300% and significantly driving up rankings.

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A pivotal part of our SEO strategy for BestFlag was to increase their Domain Rating (DR), a score that shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile. Starting at 15, we implemented a systematic approach to increase their DR, focusing on creating high-quality, relevant backlinks. Over 18 months, we successfully increased their DR to 30, doubling their previous score and signifying a substantial improvement in their website’s overall authority.


As our SEO strategies began to take effect, BestFlag experienced a significant increase in their website traffic. After fine-tuning the on-page SEO, creating relevant content, and building powerful backlinks, after 18 months, we are now seeing a 492% increase in new users compared to the same period last year. This escalation not only validated our efforts but also placed BestFlag in a stronger competitive position within their industry.



Our SEO efforts have not just resulted in higher rankings and increased traffic but also contributed to the growth in conversions for BestFlag. With more visibility, an authoritative website, and targeted traffic, BestFlag saw a significant rise in revenue, demonstrating the direct impact of our SEO strategies on their bottom line.


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