Who They Are

ReliaLab Test Centers are based in Nashville, TN and provide drug, alcohol and DNA testing for both companies and individuals. They schedule drug or alcohol tests for a range of circumstances, including DOT pre-employment, non-DOT pre-employment, post-accident, random, probation, court-ordered, DUI, personal, and more. 

Our Goal For ReliaLab 

Our primary goal for ReliaLab Test was to increase the number of tests ordered via the website. We set out to achieve this by increasing the number of visitors reaching the website from search engines such as Google.  

To increase traffic to the website, we completed in-depth keyword research and optimized all of their current drug, alcohol and DNA service pages around search terms that people would use when searching for each of those services. 

We also enhanced the website’s technical capabilities, by ensuring that it was lightweight and loaded fast for both the end user and for Google. 

Finally, as we were up against some competitors with deep pockets, we needed to ensure that we could enhance the overall authority of the website. We executed a link building campaign that would ensure Google sees the website as one of the most authoritative in the space, leading to an increase in keyword rankings and organic traffic. 

The SEO campaign begun on Feb 1st, 2021, and since then we’ve seen explosive growth – particularly in the last 12 months. 

Looking at the previous 30-day period, and comparing this to the same period 12 months ago, we’ve seen great improvement in keyword rankings, traffic to the website and conversions. 

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The image below outlines the current Google ranking position for each keyword and compares this to where ReliaLab Test were ranking before starting any SEO strategy or optimization. 

We’ve seen a noticeable positive shift in almost all of their keywords, with 71% of all keyword phrases seeing a positive increase on Google. 

Previously, these keywords were hidden on page 2 of Google and beyond, getting little to no organic visitors. 

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Organic traffic has grown 92.63% in the last 30 days compared to the same time period last year – with a 92.36% increase in new users coming to the website, and a 96.75% increase in sessions. 


The positive impact that rankings and organic traffic have had on the website has translated into a 105.84% increase in online conversions across all of their tests.  

That is, we’ve seen a 105.84% increase in the number of tests ordered via the website compared to last year. 

As well as enhancing traffic and rankings; the technical enhancement of the website (looking at making the website faster for end users) as well as updating the content and including more CTA (call-to-action) buttons led to a 4.62% increase in conversion rate. 

Relialab Goal Completions


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